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Travel to and from Crieff in an environmentally friendly way

To travel to and from Crieff by public transport can be complex, but it can be done. Trains and buses run from both Glasgow and Edinburgh to Dunblane and/or Perth. Some trains do go to Gleneagles station, and either a taxi, or we can collect you.

Stagecoach runs a number 15 bus to Crieff from Perth, and a number 47 bus from Dunblane. The timetables can be found here: Please click here >>

Carbon Offset
We are aware that public transport is not always viable, and therefore we encourage you to off-set the carbon emissions from your car and/or your flight. Through Carbon Neutral,com you can ‘balance out’ the CO2 associated with your flight by supporting forestry and climate friendly, energy friendly projects which save equivalent amounts of CO2.

The options offered by offer give you a choice of supporting:

UK forest. Trees naturally soak up CO2, and produce oxygen and wood. Like most of the forestry projects they get involved in, this package helps support indigenous trees within long term woodlands which have public access and which will make real contribution to the local community and wildlife habitats.

an international project such as the solar lighting project in India, which replaces kerosene lamps with clean, good-quality lighting. This not only reduces CO2 but eliminates the health and fire hazard that these lamps pose. Another other project is based in Chiapas, Mexico and provides long-term employment to one of the poorest regions through sustainable orchard planting which also helps to restore the land to its original state.

Futures Portfolio. In going Carbon Neutral, you effectively buy the amount of CO2 which will be saved by a process or technology, and your money then helps to make that process or technology possible. The two projects here – a wind turbine project in New Zealand and an energy efficiency scheme in Jamica – need CO2 money to make them viable.

To offset your car emissions: Please click here >>

To offset your flight emissions: Please click here >>

Green Tourism

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